Color meme : Eunhyuk + Blue

@leedonghae: Have a good day :) I’m going to philippine !! See u soon!! Long time no see !! Miss u guys!!

i didnt get why donghae choose to picked up the STYROFOAM out of all the items in claw machine.lo

Have some consideration for my poor heart, Heechul.

how am i supposed to live without you?


SJ Fake Movie Posters 13/16 - Siwon


Shisus! You O.K ?????  (*´ω`*)

Anonymous: Wait I'm confused - you picked the winner from your guestbook instead of the Tumblr post?

Read this, this or this.

I changed the way the give away winner would be chosen due to problems with tumblr notes where it wasn’t showing more than 45 notes not even a month after it started. It was unfair to go with that so I asked my followers wether it would be ok to use the guest book instead. Majority agreed so I went on with that.

I posted about it couple times, rebloged the new post a good amount and even shared the link to the guestbook more than I can remember, it was even on my side bar bolded in red. Hope that clears it up. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

Congratulations Becca (rhblue) on winning!!!!!!! I’ll be sending you an ask soon enough probably in the next hour for your information. In case the winner doesn’t answer for 48 hours then I’ll choose a runner up. For now, thank you so much to all those who took their time to participate, it was fun and I really appreciate all of you <3

I’m pleased to say that this give away went so much better than expected and that maybe just maybe I’ll come with a new one in the future ^^ we’ll see.


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